The Ziggurat is a project in development, by artist Stuart Crewes. The artist’s intention is to:
Interrogate the creative process, practice and collaboration that make a creative community.
The project has been prototyped and refined since 2011 and is now ready for its first public engagement.

For this, the second iteration, the focus is on the collection of materials and participants, and is organised around the assembly of a shared structure.

Artists are invited (and encouraged) to donate materials for the construction – paintings on canvas or board that can be classified as unresolved, abandoned, damaged, unworkable, irredeemable. These will be overpainted, initially in a dark grey undercoat, to anonymise the artist while still revealing the brush strokes, marks made and interventions on the surface.

Participants are invited to join in communal painting and construction activities, resulting in a collaboratively realised structure. These activities are also spaces for shared conversation and discussion.

This iteration will conclude with a deconstruction event, where participants are encouraged to take a piece of the structure away, to begin their own investigation.